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Heidi Clark, LMT

Owner and Principal Massage Therapist at Why Knot Massage Therapy. 


I started my journey into massage therapy  in 2006.  During my clinical time in school, I had a few regular clients that were breast cancer survivors.  They had exhausted their medical options, and over time I saw how benefical masage was for pain releif and healing.  It sparked a passion to want to help people who want a holistic approach to pain management and physical wellness. I enjoy working with all types of clients including cancer survivors, athletes, dancers, and the typical worker who sits at a desk or the mom/dad who runs around all day.


My goal for opening my own massage studio is  to make massage therapy available for everyone because I believe it plays an important part in providing a better well-being.  It connnects your whole body, relaxes your mind and muscles while working out the tension.  It gives you an hour of being in your own bubble. 

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